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The Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

Aromatherapy diffusion is the process of dispersing essential oils through the air. Diffusing essential oils allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in any room in your house or office and offers the advantage that there is a continuous mist for you to breathe in. Essential oil diffusers come in many styles that will blend in with any decor or style of home furnishings.

At North Fork Natural we stock many different essential oil diffusers and over 50 different pure essential oils. We offer free demonstrations and guidance on how to use our diffusers for those who come to our brick & mortar shop in Cutchogue.


Reasons to diffuse essential oils:

  • Relaxation
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory issues
  • Cleanse the air (some essential oils help to eliminate airborne microbes)
  • Improve focus and memory
  • Improve overall mood
  • Supports hormonal balance
  • Supports immune function


Choosing An Essential Oil Diffuser

There are many different types of diffusers out there but my favorite are the glass nebulizing essential oil diffuser and the ultrasonic diffusers (BPA-free).


      Glass Nebulizing Diffuser 

  • The glass nebulizing diffuser uses no heat or water. A vibrating plate inside the base gently breaks up essential oil molecules into millions of small particles and releases them through the air.


  • No plastic material, non toxic
  • No heat
  • High quality
  • Stronger scent (when compared to cold vapor diffuser)
  • Better for a large room.
  • Built-in timer (on for 10 minutes, off for 10 minutes for a total of 8 hours).

image representing essential oil diffusers


      Ultrasonic Essental Oil Diffusers

  • The ultrasonic diffusers, also known as cold vapor diffusers, use water vapor to carry the essential oils through the air.


  • Adds moisture to the air
  • Built-in timer (continuous for 4 -6 hours or intermittent every 30 seconds)
  • Soothing white noise from the water slushing around.
  • Please note that most ultrasonic diffusers are made of plastic. Make sure to choose one that is BPA free!

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Safety Precautions

Diffusing essential oils is one of the safest ways to use aromatherapy. Children can also benefit from aromatherapy diffusion if the correct amount and particular essential oils that are safe for children. Some small children can be sensitive to certain essential oils , especially children with respiratory conditions like asthma. Most floral and citrus essential oils are considered to be safe for children (lavender, chamomile, rose, rose geranium, neroli, mandarin, sweet orange, tangerine). Make sure to research or speak with a certified aromatherapist to get proper guidance.

Using essential oils during pregnancy is a controversial issue. Essential oils should be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy.


Essential Oil Dosages For Diffusion

  • Adults: Use recommended amount of drops given by manufacturer.
  • Small Children (ages 1-6): 1-2 drops of essential oil in diffuser.
  • Children (6-12): 2-4 drops of essential oil in diffuser.


Essential Oils & Combinations For Your Diffuser 

Essential oils can be diffused individually or they can be mixed together to create soothing aromas. Below are some good essential oils and combinations to get you started.  



  • Lavender & Tangerine
  • Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange


Calming & Balancing

  • Clary Sage & Bergamot
  • Ylang-Ylang, Grapefruit, Lavender 



  • Roman Chamomile, Tangerine
  • Frankincense, Rose, Orange
  • Petitgrain & Mandarin


Grounding & Centering

  • Vetiver, Rose Geranium, Mandarin
  • Cedarwood, Patchouli & Lavender



  • Lavender, Ho Wood, Clary Sage
  • Roman Chamomile & Sweet Marjoram


Adrenal Fatigue

  • Black Spruce, Pine, Frankincense



  • Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint
  • Ravintsara, Rosemary & Lavender